Saturday, August 25, 2007

Are there too many churches?

I decided to count the number of churches from 8 mile and Wyoming and J. C. Lodge and Wyoming. The number was astounding! There are 27 open churches, 2 vacant churches and the Nation of Islam's Muhammad's Mosque # 1. Why are there so many churches and so much decay? What is the purpose of all the churches? How can they allow decay to be at the seat of "God's House"? If you don't know Detroit that well, the stretch I am speaking of is about three miles or so.
I am concerned that the churches have ceased to save the people and have now focused on their own prosperity. In fact, I think that the idea is pretty much sound seeing that poverty afflicts the area these churches are in. How can we worry so much about "salvation" after we die while the neighborhoods need salvation now! Or maybe the sufferage is because the people in the surrounding areas don't go the churches that have taken over their homefronts. Or maybe because the preachers are no different than politicians. Keith Butler, a preacher at Word of Faith, decided to run for office. Is that the sign that they too spend time on their platform or altar feeding us the same lies as George Bush?